Question. Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash


Q: What does Altum mean?
A: Altum is Latin for deep. Hopefully deeper questions and deeper conversation.

Q: Who could use Altum Cards?
A: Any relationship, really. But we’ve found small groups, families and couples can all benefit from deeper questions and conversations.

Q: There are other question decks, books and resources out there. Why Altum Cards?
A: No doubt there are other options to aid in better conversation. We're all for some of those other resources. Bottom line we just want everyone to have better conversations.

That being said, we couldn’t find any resources that we were happy with that had deep personal questions, but also touched on faith and the Gospel so we created Altum Cards.

Q: I’m not sure I want to share about myself on some of these questions, can we just skip the uncomfortable ones?
A: Very understandable. Vulnerability (ahem, sharing things that make us uncomfortable) leads to more trust, joy, happiness and ultimately better relationships. We can’t, and wouldn’t, force you to do anything, but we strongly encourage sharing. Related: realize others in the conversation with you probably feel the same. Give them your full attention and expect the same.

Q: Do you offer bulk pricing?
A: Yes! Please contact us at info@altumquestions.com for more information.