Why good conversation?

Image by Ken Treloar via Unsplash

Occasionally it helps me to take a step back and look at the big picture. At work, in our family and on projects, having an understanding of the big picture is crucial. It answers the question of “Why are we doing this?”

With that in mind, I’d like to focus on the reason we at Altum Questions are fighting for better conversations via good, deep questions. The ultimate aim is stronger communities of Christ-followers having a bigger impact on the world around them. To build stronger communities takes getting to know each other on a deeper level and one of the primary ways to do that is through great conversations. That’s it in a nutshell.

I hope these smaller communities of Christ-followers will have the opportunity to meet in person regularly. There are times in those meetings that the conversation flows and is well balanced between the individuals attending. But we have been in enough of those small groups to know that it is really easy to get sidetracked or to only scratch the surface and walk away still feeling socially hungry.

We’re hoping to give an assist in regularly having better conversations. There are several ways we’re doing that. First is for the individual to be considering ways to improve themselves to be a better friend, group member, spouse and any other relationship they may deal with. That is loosely the aim of this blog. Second, we have a digital resource for people to find thought-provoking ideas and useful questions. See Instagram: @altumquestions. Third, we have an analog way for groups, friends and families to get deeper questions: Altum Cards. Yes, we do charge for those cards, but we’re pretty proud of them and really believe in the potential they have. We also believe it’s useful to take electronic distractions out of the equation, hence physical cards.

There are several other ideas that we are brewing right now. The first is a weekly set of questions that we’ll post on our website and deliver to your inbox if you sign up (see banner below). Regular deep questions that are free of charge. We hope they’ll catch on.

Finally, we’re always open to other suggestions and ways we can serve to get better conversations going. If you have one, reach out here: info@altumquestions.com or hit us up on social. And start thinking of ways you can have better conversations!